Little Choices

Little Choices

I hate the dentist office.


I hate scheduling the 6-month check-up.

I hate the smell of the office.

I hate the little suction thing that takes out all your spit.

I hate the way the dentist tries to talk to you with your mouth open so you end up uttering incoherent grunts while drool slips out of your mouth.

I hate how my mouth is numb after any procedure.

I hate how my gums bleed after being poked and prodded (gums, I’m so sorry…)

You get the picture.

I hate the dentist.

And I don’t think I’m alone in that sentiment.

As a young adult, I’m pretty good at organizing my life, setting myself up for the big picture kind of future, but I fail a lot in the everyday, little tasks that NEED to happen in order to be successful.

Like scheduling dentist appointments.

Or flossing my teeth.

It’s pretty bad.

I KNOW that those little appointments and check-ups will help my overall health and help me save money in the long run, so why is it so hard to choose to do those now? I mean, what would happen if I missed just ONE day of flossing my teeth? Probably nothing.

I was actually praying about this one day (Wait, really? I know, right…), and it dawned on me that this is so similar to my spiritual life. I know the end goal of my life is Heaven, to be a saint, living in the glorious unveiled presence of the King of the Universe… but how do I get there?

By little, everyday choices that will affect my spiritual health in the long run.

I could choose not to pray every day; I could choose not to be joyful or loving or compassionate toward my neighbor; and while those choices don’t dramatically alter my life right then and there, eventually, I will become sick and will need some serious work done on my heart; just like if I don’t floss or brush my teeth twice a day, eventually I’ll get cavities or worse, and need some expensive work done!

Those little, every day or every week life decisions do matter because you’re building up a habit of holiness. By choosing to spend some quiet time reconnecting with your Savior in prayer instead of checking your social media again, you’re setting yourself up to better hear His voice and move where He needs you to move.

By attending weekly, maybe even daily Mass, you are equipping yourself with the defense to go into battle the rest of the week, fighting for your sanctity and holiness.

When I choose to brush and floss my teeth every day and night, I’m setting myself up for great dental hygiene that will benefit me in the long run.

So, here’s to choosing the small, seemingly mundane, ordinary, and good decisions, and living a healthy, Spirit-led life!

P.S. I have a dentist appointment this week, so prayers would be appreciated…

Ali Hoffman

Ali Hoffman

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