A Community of Missionary Disciples

i.d.9:16 exists to form young adults into intentional disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Our Story

In October of 2011, Peter and Debbie Herbeck of Renewal Ministries organized a retreat with a small group of young adults from Ann Arbor, Michigan to discern God’s will regarding Catholic young adult ministry. It was a weekend of communion, worship, discussion, and listening to the Lord, and we all came away with a sense that God was asking us to help respond to the ‘crisis of discipleship’ among our peers of the millennial generation. We began to meet together monthly with other young adults to receive more formation and grow together as disciples.

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Our Mission

i.d.9:16 exists to form young adults into intentional disciples of Jesus Christ.

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The Four Pillars

“Communion and mission are profoundly connected with each other, they interpenetrate and mutually imply each other, to the point that communion represents both the source and the fruit of mission: communion gives rise to mission and mission is accomplished in communion. It is always the one and the same Spirit who calls together and unifies the Church and sends her to preach the Gospel “to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8) – Christifideles Laici 32

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i.d.9:16 Blog

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Disciples’ Night

Thursday April 9 , 2015

Tune in to our UStream channel at 7:40 PM EST on id916.com/live to watch our monthly Disciples’ Night.

This month we have Sr. Sarah Burdick S.G.L. as our guest speaker, live from Domino’s Farms in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Click here for more details.

Watch it LIVE id916.com/LIVE