Mission Trips

In 2011 i.d.916 began collaborating with Renewal Ministries to bring young adult mission teams to Mexico City to minister to both the spiritual and physical needs of the impoverished there. We have developed ongoing relationships with people living and working in the garbage dump. We provide basic medical care, distribute food, clothing and toiletries, as well as prayer ministry and a proclamation of the gospel. We also visit a large orphanage, interacting and praying with mentally handicapped children, and providing financial resources. At a government run facility for elderly men we distribute clothing and pray with the men.

Most trips also include a visit to the Shrine of Guadalupe and other cultural sites.

For all our i.d.916 mission trips, the emphasis is on our role as a community of missionary disciples as we proclaim the gospel in both word and deed. i.d.916 hopes to continue to provide multiple trips to Mexico City for young adults throughout the year and to develop trips to Haiti and other countries.

For more information on joining an i.d.916 or Renewal Ministries Mission Team click here.