Our Story


I n October of 2011, a group of young adults from Ann Arbor traveled to Harbor Springs, MI to discern God’s will regarding Catholic young adult ministry. Peter and Debbie Herbeck of Renewal Ministries had organized the weekend in an effort to respond to the ‘crisis of discipleship’ described by Pope Benedict XVI, particularly in the millennial generation. The weekend was filled with communion, worship, and listening to the Lord. By the end of the weekend it was clear that God was asking us to begin a discipleship and evangelistic effort for young adults, originating in Ann Arbor, MI. As an outreach of Renewal Ministries, i.d.9:16 benefits from over thirty years of Catholic renewal and evangelization. Over the past two years the mission, vision, language, and method of i.d.9:16 has continued to be tested, refined, and applied.

The community in Ann Arbor continues to grow as more young adults respond to the need for deeper conversion, enriched formation, and the challenge to go make more disciples. However, the vision of i.d.9:16 extends far beyond the state of Michigan as we hope to support parishes in their pursuit and formation of young adults. Through a greater of investment of resources and manpower, we look forward to seeing communities of missionary disciples emerging all over the country.

Our story continues and we remain excited about the future. We will continue to listen to the Lord and look for new places and opportunities to form young adults into intentional disciples of Jesus Christ.