Do you know a Christian?

Do you know a Christian?

*Disclaimer: This reactionary and somewhat aggressive post spontaneously spilled out of me after reading a George Weigel article in First Things. These are the questions that naturally emerged as I reflected on this staggering statistic.

“One more disturbing number: according to the survey’s projections, only 14 percent of non-Christians today know a Christian[1]—a number that speaks to both the isolation of religious groups from each other and the failures of evangelization. So there’s a lot of work to do in fulfilling the Great Commission, especially with those who have no contact with the faith.”

In such a connected world, how is this possible?


How can we Christians be this transparent or this isolated?


How do we reverse this trend?


Where can we go, what can we do to put ourselves in contact with non-Christians?


Here’s an even deeper question: do we even want to consistently enter into unfamiliar and potentially uncomfortable environments so others might come to know Christ?


Are we willing to be a minority?


Are we willing to look, sound, act differently yet still live in the world?


How can we possibly expect to help people come to know Christ, repent of their sins, begin the journey of discipleship, if we never spend time with those who don’t know the Good News?


Where do we get the power and the impetus to reach beyond ourselves and break out of the comfortably familiar fishbowls we’ve created?


Is it because we don’t love enough? Are we afraid to truly love our enemies?


Have we ever cried over the lost? Not in a judgmental way but with a heart that yearns for ALL men to repent, believe, and know Jesus.


Maybe the best question is this:


How does the Lord want me to respond to this growing problem of Christian isolationism?


What does He want from me?


[1] “Status of Global Christianity” survey published by the International Bulletin of Missionary Research.

Pete Burak

Pete Burak

Pete is the Director of i.d.916. His life revolves around Christ, his wife, his children, and new home ownership.
Pete Burak

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5 thoughts on “Do you know a Christian?

  1. Jen Brown
    on said:

    Excellent, Pete, excellent questions. Incredible that we don’t ponder this enough, and yet, we MUST. Daily. All the time. And we must find answers for ourselves and get busy doin’ it. We are a “missionary Church…” aren’t we after all?
    thanks for posting. I’m with you, brother!

    • Pete Burak
      on said:

      Thanks Jen, it was startling to read and even more startling to prayerfully consider the ramifications. We face an enormous challenge, made more difficult by our own unwillingness (at times) to witness to our faith. That said, what a marvelous adventure we’re on together!

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