How Do I Know Who I Am?

How Do I Know Who I Am?

We all need a stable identity. The question, “Who am I?”, even if it can’t be ultimately answered in life, must be able to sink into fertile soil. We need a name. This is, in almost everyway, the fundamental battleground of our entire life.

What makes it a battle? Because, in the end, there is a right and wrong identity for each one of us. There is the right answer and a bunch of wrong answers to, “Who am I?” And in every age, the cultural moment presents a path for how to approach the quest for these answers, how to go about finding one’s name. In the same way, Jesus presents us with a way, a path. Please take half an hour and listen to Tim Keller lay out the difference – he does a fantastic job.


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Joey McCoy

Joey McCoy

Joey McCoy is a medical student at the University of Michigan. He enjoys hot water, Josef Pieper, the sound of waves, and anything pertaining to Evangelization.
Joey McCoy

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One thought on “How Do I Know Who I Am?

  1. nancyv
    on said:

    What a great weaving of thought and being. Thank you for sharing! I am 57 yo and laughed heartily at his telling of how at 20, we thought our 15 yo self was idiotic, etc… It’s true! I keep discovering that I didn’t “know anything until, like, yesterday”. Good post for all!

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