Disciples’ Night Talk by Al Kresta

Disciples’ Night Talk by Al Kresta

Over a year ago, Al Kresta spoke at one of our Disciples’ Nights. He laid the foundation for the importance of intentional discipleship and evangelization. You can listen to Al everyday on Ave Maria Radio at www.avemariaradio.net

To download this talk click here

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One thought on “Disciples’ Night Talk by Al Kresta

  1. I agree that believing the Holy Spirit is God, is key. However, there are plntey of things that we argue and debate about Him that aren’t necessarily important. The gift of the Spirit is something denominations and churches have been debating and splitting over for centuries, while understanding the various views and coming to a personal conclusion is good, important even; it isn’t the most important thing. Legalism is trying to earn your salvation on your own, grace is believing in Jesus to allow you to do those things. That’s right on. It’s all about working out of our love for God, not working to earn it.

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