Disciples’ Night

The purpose of the monthly i.d.9:16 Disciples’ Night is to help deepen personal conversion, foster communion, and grow in an understanding of what it means to be a Catholic disciple in the world today. The meeting consists of Mass, dinner, and a compelling talk centered on one of the four pillars of discipleship.

Typically, the formation of a monthly Disciples’ Night represents the first public step in creating an i.d.9:16 chapter. For more information on establishing a chapter click here.






Disciples’ Nights Upcoming Schedule


Date:                                                   Talk Title:                                                  Speaker:


March 1st                                       Catholic Worship                       Martin Doman

April 5th                                           My Conversion Story                Sr. Mariam James, SOLT

May 3rd                                          Fatima & Mary                           Ralph Martin


Watch Live

The monthly Disciples’ Night talks are broadcast live and can be accessed here.

Past Disciples’ Nights

Archived talks are also available and can be accessed here.